Month: January 2019

Loans to start up until 2019

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Starters in the housing market can still receive a so-called start-up loan in some municipalities until 2017. This loan, actually a second mortgage, is provided by the municipality and is intended for starters who can not afford their home. A maximum of 20 percent of the purchase price can be financed with the starters loan. […]

Less and less payment arrears on mortgage loans

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  There are fewer and fewer Dutch people with a payment arrears on their mortgage loan. In the past twelve months, the number of Dutch people with long-term payment arrears on the mortgage loan has fallen by 12 percent. The mortgage loan Barometer of Stichting BKR recently appeared. This provides insight into the trends and […]

More and more offers mortgage loan without advice

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  Does that sound appealing? Take out a mortgage without seeking advice from a mortgage advisor? It occurs more and more often. But please note that you can choose the lowest interest rate. According to online mortgage advisor Mortgage 24, the number of ‘do-it-yourselfers’ rose by about 50 percent in almost three years. This number […]

Stricter rules for loans

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The National Institute for Budget Information (Nibud) wants stricter rules for all types of loans, including small loans. The organization thinks that when it comes to taking out a loan, it becomes clear more quickly whether people can pay the loan. When a personal loan is taken out, a check is currently being made to […]

Foreclosure of the current account on which a salary already paid by the employer is loaned

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Practical example: salary net of contributions € 2500, assignment fifth € 500, loan delegation € 500, future attachment to third parties at source (employer) for ordinary debt € 500 (one fifth). Question: using a banking cc only to support payment of salary, what could be the possible further attachment (after the payment of the salary […]